Maxim Gertler-Jaffe Maxim Gertler-Jaffe

ALL GOVERNMENTS LIE is an Emmy-nominated feature documentary that I worked on as line producer from 2014-2016. I was also a digital producer of the website for the film, which included many hours of additional content.

The film follows investigative journalists Jeremy Scahill, Glenn Greenwald, Amy Goodman, and Matt Taibbi as they expose government lies and corporate deception, inspired by the legendary investigative journalist I.F. Stone.

  • 2018 Emmy Nominee for Outstanding Politics and Government Documentary
  • DGC Allan King Award for Excellence in a Documentary
  • Official Selection: TIFF 2016, IDFA 2016, Double Exposure, DocPoint Tallinn, DocPoint Helsinki, Human Rights Watch Film Festival, CPH:DOX 2017, Thessaloniki 2017